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Ever since I was young, I have loved web design. I can still remember building an untold number of poorly coded pages on the now defunct Geocities Pagebuilder back in the early 1990s. My love of HTML & CSS continued throughout my adolescence where I utilized my burgeoning coding knowledge to build PHP powered image maps for users on websites such as Gaia Online and Neopets.

When I graduated alongside my class of less than 200 fellow seniors in rural Georgia, I still cherished my love of web design and coding, but I never imagined that I could make it into a career.

Instead of setting my sites on the University of Georgia like so many of my fellow classmates I instead opted to attend a trade school where I studied computer technology in the hopes of becoming a technician; however, the longer I spent in these classes, the more I realized that troubleshooting hardware and software was not for me.

Eventually I left trade school, but never quite found my footing. In 2015 I decided to go back to school and attain my Bachelors of Science in Computer Programming and Digital Media.  As a result of my track record of hard work and professionalism via my volunteer work at school I was headhunted by a Fortune 500 automotive company’s marketing department before I had even graduated! Over the next few years I managed all web based marketing for multiple dealerships in Florida and had the opportunity to not only refine my web programming abilities, I was also able to master Facebook and Social Media Marketing as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

While I loved my time there and all of the connections that I made as a result of that job. I eventually moved on from building automotive webpages to become the Director of Digital Marketing at a Managed Service Provider (MSP) in Northeast Georgia! In this role I was able to manage clients from all different walks of life and industries. I built websites for accountants, architects, government agencies and more! Not only that, I was able to develop entire marketing strategies from start to finish!

Then, the amazing and unexpected happened. I became a mother! Suddenly I had a new joy in my life and had to make the hardest decision of my life: do I stay home with my little one, or do I continue working on my career? Well, I decided – WHY NOT BOTH? And from there, Pretty Geeky Design was born!


When I took on my first customer for Pretty Geeky Design, I had only one personal goal in mind: I never wanted any one of my clients to feel like they were simply a number in a ledger.

That is why I know every single one of my customers by name, and why I do everything in my power to visit my clients in person. I want each of my customers to know who I am and that I care about their business the same way that they do. 

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